Latest News: Celebrating Caring

Latest News: Celebrating Caring

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On Sunday 1st March we shared the delight of commissioning during our morning Communion Service our new Pastoral Visitors’ team. Each of these has completed our agreed training sessions, and has been appointed to their role by the Church Council. During the service we  listened to the story of the Prodigal Son, and reflecting on how the call to care for one another in different ways is always a reflection and expression of the inextinguishable love that God holds for each one of us.

Looking further ahead, as our church continues to grow we are considering the possibility of developing other ways of offering care to one another- for example, through a telephone support group and through a group who might prepare and send cards to any who are unwell. All of this is in addition to the myriad ways we each have of showing our love and concern for each other on a daily basis and on which the care of the church depends.

If you would be interested in helping to develop our networks of care either through telephoning or card sending, or indeed through becoming a Pastoral Visitor, do please speak to Rev Christine

May God keep you all your days;

May Christ shield you in all your ways;

May the Spirit bring you healing and peace. 


‘A place for God, a place for You’

Trinity Methodist Church Lowestoft