Nurturing and developing our young people and families

Nurturing and developing our young people and families

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We are continuing to put our minds to how we can best serve the young people who have become ‘regulars’ at Trinity, and encourage others to join us, and have begun to take the first steps forward. We recently held a very positive meeting for anyone interested in this aspect of church life. We began by thinking of all the young people who have links to Trinity already; the Playgroup, whose links with the church are slowly strengthening, those who join us at special services e.g. Christingle, which always attracts a large number, those who come to the Monday Cafe, the Singing Futures children’s choir members, those who have come to the stand alone craft & music events that have been organised and the small core of children who worship with us on Sundays and who access the activity table, which is refreshed weekly with material from ‘Roots’. We recognise that we do not currently have the luxury of a team responsible for ‘youth’ and younger people and that whatever we attempt should have worship at its heart.

As a first step, if we can get enough volunteers, who are prepared to share the responsibility, we will, during Sunday Worship, tell the children a relevant bible story and complete a related activity in a separate room. We hope to begin this in a couple of months.

In the hopes of appealing to older children we also plan to try holding a more upbeat service in the early evening one Sunday in the coming weeks.

Also, following on from the enjoyable family craft sessions we have held the last two christmases, a small group have been busy organising craft and music mornings for children. The first of these, on the theme of God’s Creation, took place at the end of the summer holidays and was enjoyed by around fifteen children and their families. It began with the telling of the creation story, with the help of various props, then the younger children went off to create pictures to fill a collage representing the seven days in the story, whilst the older children learned some related songs. The groups then swapped over and whilst the older children added to the collage, the younger ones, accompanying themselves on the percussion instruments, were led through many well known action rhymes and songs that fitted the theme e.g. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Old MacDonald. They were also taught two new songs, with the help of words and pictures on the screen, one about a little bird and one about an owl that involved actions and lots of ‘twitt twooing’! After a refreshment break, the groups came back together to listen to the story again, illustrated by the collages they had made and on screen pictures and interspersed with singing the songs they had learned. A lovely morning!

This enthusiastic group are already planning another similar event in the lead up to Christmas.

We pray that all these new ventures will come to fruition and be a way of better serving our young people.


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